Friday, December 3, 2010

Hydro One

What's great in Greenwood today is shopping locally - for your SPORTS DRINK! Yep, Hydro One is based right here in Greenwood, with a cross-border, Georgia connection (although production is in Upstate New York, I heard). I taste-tested their Green Tea, and orange-mango and pomegranate-raspberry sports drinks this afternoon. Best sports drink I ever had. Really.

Of course, I'm not a big sports drink fan. Usually too sweet or too salty for me. These were more like real juice drinks, just a bit watered down. Oh, and hyped up on vitamins. Can't wait to try more, including the women's, heart, memory, and joint health drinks.

REV, TRUE, and Bode - all natural, low calorie, sugar free, and nutrient-enriched. I might just give up water.

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