Thursday, May 31, 2012

June is Festival of Flowers time!!!

Is this late Spring or early Summer?  Well, it is starting to feel like summer, except early in the morning and late in the day.  It has been a glorious Spring in my semi-tropical land.  Long days are upon us.  Most days the humidity has been low, well low-ish.  First white blooms on the crepe myrtle tree today.  Spring rains make a full pond.  At the end of yoga class my teacher says "Close your eyes.  Go to your special place, where you are always peaceful, always content, always at ease.  My backyard is definitely that place.

June in Greenwood is all about Festival of Flowers FUN!  Topiaries are up downtown and this year the Clemson tiger actually looks like a tiger to me.  I think last year I found it too late and the flowers had bloomed out so much it didn't look like anything, much less a tiger.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Farmers' Market drama

NOTE: This post was found in drafts today, written August 8th.  Sorry to be out of order.

I finally got out to the Farmers' Market at the Civic Center on Saturday morning. Came home with a small seedless watermelon, 6 ears of corn, a Carolina Gold tomato and some goat cheese. Happy. Nice experience. Lots of room for improvement, but I enjoyed it. Chatted with a handbell friend. Talked to a goat farmer. Purchased everything from a different vendor.

The controversy about relocating the market to a downtown location will be renewed on the 22nd. Today's paper announced a public meeting to unveil the conceptual drawings and budget estimates. I am NOT going to that meeting.

Busy September

LOTS going on in my community this month.

This past weekend we had a fabulous memorial event centered around The Wall That Heals, the traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial.  It started last Tuesday with a motorcycle rally escorting the traveling wall into town.  The wall was set up Wednesday on the Lander University campus and opened to the public on Thursday.  I first visited Friday afternoon with my friend Kelley and her 5 children, ages 10-3.  We intended to see the Black Hawk helicopter on the hospital front lawn, but got a late start and missed it.  It was interesting to be at the wall with her children, who were very well-behaved and respectful but of course knew nothing about this history.

Saturday there was a 5K Patriot Run, a military parade at noon, and other events around town, including a huge bike rally and car show.  Sunday, the 11th, there was a wreath ceremony at the wall, a ceremony recognizing veterans, police, fire and first responders like those who served and died ten years ago on September 11th, 2001.  The ceremony included the first Greenwood Hall of Heroes induction, which honored among others three men we have known personally - Senator John Drummond, Representative Marion Carnell, and Fuji co-worker Bill Arnett.

Alan and I visited the Wall just after the ceremony.  Sunday evening the weather was beautiful and graced by a full white moon.

There was also a concert Thursday night, a play about 9/11 at the community theatre this weekend, and a candlelight vigil at the wall Sunday night.

Thanks to everyone who helped put on this event to celebrate and remember those who pay the price for our freedom.

Coming up next, September 19-23, is Focus on Japan, part of Lander University’s Asian Initiative to open doors for student and faculty exchanges between Lander and colleges and universities in South Korea and China. The weeklong celebration will spotlight many aspects of Japanese life, education, business and culture, and Japan’s contributions to global development and also promote international goodwill and friendship among the people of Japan and the United States.  Activities include lectures on Japanese history and language; tea ceremonies; dance, martial arts and origami demonstrations; a fashion show; and more. There will also be an update on Japan’s recovery from the March earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands and caused widespread destruction.

Opening September 15th at the Greenwood Community Theatre is Mornings at Seven, a play about 4 aging sisters in a small Midwestern town in 1938 - "loony, dysfunctional, dorky families bring humor and heartfelt family love to the stage."

Finally this month, barely, is the third annual Click646, a photographic event to celebrate and promote the art of image making.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Enjoyed another great show at the Greenwood Community Theatre this past weekend - The Fantastiks.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Festival of Discovery

Or BBQ and Blues, which I think is a better name actually. Friday night our home group met Uptown Greenwood to take in the festivities. I can't accurately describe this event. BBQ "teams" come from all around the country to compete in a cookoff in various categories. Apparently if you are into it, there is quite a circuit, and our local event is "sanctioned" by some Kansas City BBQ group and this festival is part of their official "tour." What all that means, I can't imagine.

Anyway, what the 11 of us experienced was kind of like a huge tailgate, with trailer, tents, and cookers all in the streets and parking lots, with banners flying and all manner of foodstuffs frying. Yes, we are in the South, where 60% of the population is obese, or at least overweight.

It seemed like there were about 50 "teams" but I could be WAY off on that either way. The smoke and smell obscured my ability to take in the whole festival. The weather was as pleasant as we could have hoped for this time of year, but that was because it was overcast, and we had a thunderstorm at 8:30 that drove our group into our cars and off to Red Lobster. Yes, most of us had already eaten BBQ, but we just ate again.

I saw the stage area and heard a bit of the live music, but didn't really get into that part of the festival. There was also an arts & crafts fair on the other side of Main Street (the widest in the world, by the way) but we didn't get over there. We didn't get back up there Saturday between 11 & 6, but I heard it was PACKED and HOT.

Oh, also there was a disgusting contest won by a 303 lb "professional eater" from Atlanta who consumed something like 25 hot dogs in record time. Or something. I'm not sure I've eaten 25 hot dogs total in my whole life. And see, not all obese people are in South Carolina.

Still, it was nice to have a well attended event in town to entertain the folks. Not QUITE as redneck as the Catfish Feastival in Ware Shoals on Memorial Day, but some good people watching was available for the patient. Sorry, no photos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Festival of Flowers

Greenwood's springtime spectacular is the Festival of Flowers, a monthlong event celebrating flowers and anything else you want. This year I started off at the Greenwood Festival Chorale concert on June 7th. I missed the Wine Walk that first weekend, off farm touring with the in-laws. Last weekend my tandem rode in the Bee Buzzin' bike tour Saturday morning and then my sister accompanied me to the afternoon matinee of Hairspray at the community theatre. There is always a big musical during the Festival and this was a good one. This coming weekend I plan to take in the Arts & Crafts show, maybe the photography exhibit, garden tours and a visit to Park Seed for the trial gardens and a presentation on unique veggies.

There is truly something for everyone during the Festival. It's a great time to be in Greenwood!