Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Blues

Except for the snow, it's been typical, sucky SC winter weather lately and we are sick of it and ready for warm weather. "We" refers to the ladies in my 1:30 swim class at the Y. Thankfully we dodged the latest winter storm that socked in most of the rest of the country, including Dallas for the SuperBowl.

Between storms we did a little more environmental work, cleaning trash out of the pond behind the house. The ducks have been fun to watch, especially the hooded mergansers. Alan likes how they dive and pop up in unexpected places. I personally like their "mohawk" hoods.

Word is the bridge across town, on Cambridge, will be finished next month - 4 maybe 5 more weeks. I can hardly wait. That is the route I want to take about 50% of the time.

I've been back to bells twice and enjoyed it immensely. I like the music we are playing this semester, and I like the challenge of playing in a different spot each week. During our big snowstorm two ringers were injured. One broke her pelvis and is out for this semester; the other broke her wrist, which makes her a one handed ringer.

THUMP last published Nov 29th, but the website says THUMP 2.0 is coming Feb 14th. I have missed it and am looking forward to the new 'do.

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  1. OK - currently in Greenwood 50, feels like 47 with sun

    currently in Colorado Springs 3, feels like -15 with snow

    I'll trade you!!!