Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Heritage Trail

When I moved to Greenwood the first time in late 1999 the Heritage Trail was a year old and improvements were still being made. It was a gem, and I enjoyed it many times, walking and biking 2.5 miles from Uptown to the south edge of town, through neigborhoods old and new, with view of fields, forests, industry, and creeks.

Also new while I lived here was West Cambridge Park, an area transformed from inner city train yard to neighborhood playground and walking trail.

I have been wanting to check them out again since I moved back to town, but it's been getting colder and darker every day and I haven't made the time. Finally Saturday my honey agreed to spend the morning exploring with me, despite the 15+ mph winds and temps around freezing. We bundled up and took the mtn bikes to the north end of the West Cambridge walking trail, at Waffle House on the bypass.

From there to the park was in amazingly good shape for a non-paved trail. It could use a bit of maintenance, and it is currently closed at the park for the bridge repair on Cambridge Avenue, but it has great potential when reopened. The views were more open than I've ever seen and we peeked at part of Greenwood we have never seen. Couldn't tell much about the new Lander sports complex from the back, but the trail should be a real asset to that recreation facility, although I do wonder what is up with the ditch FULL of broken concrete. Hope that isn't permanent.

From the park we took to the streets through Uptown to The Heritage Trail on South Main Street. 2.5 miles later we were at Florida Avenue and I was impressed with how well that paved trail has held up over the years. It would use a little maintenance, but by and large has held up well for a 12 year old trail. I really appreciate both community assets and hope for more. I want to live in a town that values good parks and trails.

Click here to view a map of our route

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