Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall color

Fall color is what is great in Greenwood today. This is the view in our backyard this morning at 9am. Stunning.

It has been rainy the past few days. Typical November weather in SC. Last night it got down into the 30s. (I put the electric blanket on the bed, turned up the heat on my side and slept great!) Highs are in the 50s. Breezy at times, to get the leaves off trees I guess. A beautiful time of year.

This week Alan caught the first large mouth bass we've seen in the pond. Good size, over a pound each. Healthy. 2 one day from the back yard, 6 the next from the kayak.


  1. You didn't tell us you had your own lake???

  2. Yes, we have our own lake, really a pond. There are 5 houses including ours on it. Lots of ducks and turtles, and so far the fishing is good. That's the view from the master bedroom.

  3. In Colorado, that would be considered a LAKE :)